Continental Gatorskin (700c & 27-inch)

5.0 stars
 (6 Reviews)
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Continental's GatorSkin combines 3 flat-protection technologies into one fast-riding, high-mileage racing and training tire. It features a super-fine 180 thread-per-inch casing, a bead-to-bead layer of DuraSkin, and is finished with a Kevlar-reinforced top layer. The result is a light tire that rolls and corners with the best of them while providing flat protection second to none.

Features & Info

DuraSkin sidewall protection

Look for the brown sidewalls, and you know you've got DuraSkin protecting your
 tires. The high-quality polyamide fabric helps prevent cuts and abrasions when riding in the harshest conditions.

PolyX puncture protection

PolyX Breaker puncture protection brings Contintental's know-how of automobile tires into the bicycle market. Polyester fibers are woven tightly underneath the tread, and the resulting high fabric density helps resist flat tires. In addition, the rolling resistance is not adversely affected.

Weight: 290/310/360/365/390 grams (23c/25c/28c/32c/27 x 1 1/4)

Consumer Reviews

5.0 stars

(6 reviews)

100% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Good cornering  (3)
  • Low rolling resistance  (3)
  • Durable  (2)
  • Durable rubber  (2)
  • Excellent grip  (2)
  • Puncture resistant  (2)


  • Heavy 
  • Low surface compiance 
  • Poor traction 
  • Wet roads 

Best Uses

  • Commuting  (4)
  • Road biking  (3)
  • Casual riding  (2)
  • Climbing  (2)

Sep 10, 2016

Outstanding tire

Excellent Grip, Low Rolling Resistance, Durable, Puncture Resistant, Good Cornering
Wet Roads
Best Uses:
Climbing, Commuting
Recreational rider averaging 1500 miles on bike trails and city streets using a Trek Fx 7.6 Hybrid. Better wearing and a more comfortable ride then the Bontrager OEM tires. I like the wear indicators on the tires, which is very helpful. Great tires with excellent traction on long down hill rides
by Don H. from Sacramento, California

Aug 13, 2015

Better than I expected

Low Rolling Resistance, Good Cornering, Puncture Resistant, Durable, Excellent Grip
Best Uses:
Fed up with punctures so replaced both Continental Grand Prix 4000 II race tyres with these gator jobbies. easy to fit, and they dont look as chunky as I expected. The ride feels solid. very glas I decided to get them....and hope they will last a while. As for weight- well. thats my beer belly so not bothered about the extra few grams that they weigh!
by OCbloke from Lake Forest, CA

Jun 08, 2015

replacing discontinued Bontrager Race Lite Hard Case

Spins True, Good Cornering, Low Rolling Resistance
Low Surface Compiance
Best Uses:
Got this to replace discontinued 700x28c Bontrager Race Lite Hard Case tires. I ride fairly fast on almost entirely dry, smooth and clean asphalt with tons of big hills, 5k to 6k miles per year. Got about 10k miles per set of Hard Case tires (no longer available) over a 10 year stretch. I hope these last as long. If they do, I'll up their rating to 5 stars. The Gatorskins seem to have less rolling resistance, but also less compliance to surface texture. Despite feeling like the stiffness of these reduces contact with the ground when rough, the tracking and cornering are rock solid. This could be because there are no wobbles built into the tires, as there were on the Bontragers. I hope they last as long. May try reducing the pressure down from the 95 psi listed in the documentation if the harshness ends up bothering me more than I like the easier ride up hills. Time will tell. Oh, and the stiffness seems to make them very quiet compared to the Bontrager Hard Case.
by Mike in Burien from Burien, wa

Mar 07, 2013

Best bang for the buck!

Durable Rubber, Resists Flats, Resistant To Element
Poor Traction
Best Uses:
Road Biking, Commuting, Casual Riding
I've been using these tires for about 7 years. They are the best I've found for resisting flats. In 7 years I've had one flat. Unbelievable. I don't really understand the complaints about them being heavy. I guess if you're racing they would be heavy, but I wouldn't be using these tires for racing if I were serious about racing. There are much better tires for that purpose. However, I use these primarily for commuting and training for the occasional triathlon. For those purposes, they are great. In that kind of riding, I really doubt you're going to notice extra 10 grams or whatever they weigh when you're carrying your lunch, change or clothes, and all the other stuff I carry when I commute. They last a LONG time, it's easy to get 5000+ miles from these tires. The only negative thing I will say is that you need to be cautious in wet conditions when crossing railroad tracks, manhole covers, expansion joints, or any other smooth metal surface. They don't provide the best grip in those conditions.
by Jared from Cedar Rapids, IA

Aug 14, 2012

Amazing Tires

Flat resistant, Durable Rubber, Great Traction, Resistant To Element
Best Uses:
Commuting, Road Biking
18 months, 5000+ miles, and just one puncture from a piece of broken bottle. I must say that I am very satisfied. My rear tire is showing a lot of wear at this point and I am definatly going to replace it with another one of these great tires.
by Joshua from Bethlehem Pa

Jul 24, 2012

My first choice for the streets of ny

Extremely flat resistant
Best Uses:
Casual Riding, Road Biking
Last year I had these installed on my Tarmac 3. Since then, I have not gotten a single flat, as opposed to 1 - 2 a week on "service course" tires or 1 - 2 a month on regular road bike tires. They are a bit heavier than most "normal" road bike tires, but negligibly so. Buying another set for my new tri bike.
by evo2rex from brooklyn