Why the Weird Hours?

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Many customers have asked about the reason for our change from a seven-day week to a five-day week. For those of you who are wondering, here's why we made the change; We expect a lot from our staff. To work at Genesis, a person must know and care about cycling, have a great work ethic, and most important of all be friendly and courteous. Finding and training enough qualified people to operate Genesis Bicycles sixty-two plus hours a week became the greatest challenge we ever faced.

After months of studies, discussion, and consideration we arrived at the following conclusions:
  • We will not lower our hiring standards. To do so would be unfair to our customers and damaging to our reputation.
  • Our staff and management must have time for a life outside of work. Family life, relaxation, and time to ride are essential to a balanced life. Unhappy people rarely provide great customer service.
  • We believe that a willingness to sacrifice some revenue in the short term is acceptable in order to maintain our reputation for excellence in the long term. With over 35 years under our belt, we are clearly in this business for the long haul.
  • Based on historical sales data, our customers visit us less on Tuesdays and Wednesdays than any other days.
  • Our customers will be best served if we choose quality of service over quantity of hours.

But won't Genesis lose a lot of money by cutting business hours by thirty seven percent? Frankly, we were prepared to accept a major decline in revenue and it never happened. Customers like you have been more supportive of this decision than we ever dreamed. Your support means everything to us.

Thank you for taking an interest in what Genesis is all about. We realize that although this decision is made to benefit our customers in the long run, some of you may be inconvenienced. We are very interested in your comments or concerns about our store hours or any other aspect of your experience at Genesis Bicycles.

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