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Ever wonder what goes on at Genesis when it's cold outside?

In Fall of 2002, former Genesis technician and local artist Bernie Smith proposed to design and build a huge bike as a holiday decoration. Bernie constructed the entire frame from PVC pipe. The Big Bike made it's rooftop debut in November of 2002 and received quite a bit of attention. It was put into storage in February of 2003. Don't even ask how we managed to store it!

The next Fall, Bernie and his helpers re-assembled the bike on our roof for the second time. Just days later, a huge wind storm destroyed the bike. It was a very sad day at Genesis. All winter, folks were calling to ask what had happened to the bike.  One mother called to tell us that her three year-old daughter kept asking where the "ho-ho" bike went.

Several months later, in January of 2004, Bernie and Anthony Wilcox, another talented former Genesis technician, teamed up to design a stronger Big Bike. Taking cues from Cannondale's Six 13 frame technology, which combines the best characteristics of aluminum and carbon fibre, Anthony designed and welded 6061 aluminum lugs to join the PVC tubing. (Carbon fibre tubing was just not in the current budget).

The bike now on our roof is the result of months of effort by Bernie and Anthony. In 2012 Mark Reagle constructed a giant green bow to adorn the bike during the holiday season.  I'm really proud of all their efforts and hope you enjoy seeing it as you go by.


Click on the thumbnails below

big bike miter - link to full image
Anthony jumps at any excuse
to buy a new tool.

big bike cutting torch - link to full image
Don't try this at home.


Anthony using big bike torch - link to full image
Off-season at Genesis
= interesting projects
for Anthony!


big bike welding - link to full image
Move over, Cannondale!

big bike hammer lug - link to full image
The hammer kinda puts
 the size into perspective.


big bike frame jack - link to full image
Not the lightest frame built
in PA, but the biggest!


big bike frame rope - link to full image
Did we mention that
this bike is BIG?


Bernie with big bike handlebar - link to full image
Bernie hardly ever
rides the drops.


Bernie with big bike frame - link to full image
Hey, Bernie! How are
you gonna get that
thing up on the roof?