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Purchasing a New Bike Today?

A Genesis staff member will be in touch shortly to verify sizing and go over pick up details. We want to be certain that you are VERY happy with your new bike. In the meantime, here is a list of the most popular items that we ourselves would not want to ride without. We’re happy to answer questions and help you to make the best choices.
Just email or call 610-253-1140

Bike Helmets for Everyone

Do You Trust Your Old Helmet?
Is your helmet in good shape?  If you’ve owned your helmet for 5 years or longer, experts agree that it is time to replace it.  How about your family members?  Seriously; this is no time to be in the ER!  Don’t worry about picking the right size. We will help you with that. 

Daytime Running Lights

DRLs Save Lives! 
What are DRLs?  Daytime riding lights! Now more than ever, drivers are distracted and you NEED their attention!   The latest daytime riding lights feature super-bright LEDs and are USB rechargeable - so buying batteries is a thing of the past! 

Car Racks

Transport Your Bikes Safely!
A good car rack lets you explore new areas and protects two very important investments.  Just email or call 610-253-1140. We’ll help you determine the best fit for your car and your needs. Assembly and installation at Genesis is free for all rear-mounted racks! 


phone mounts

Keep Your Phone Safe and Visible!
Let's face it - you're probably not going to go on a ride without your phone.  We've seen a lot of phone carriers for bikes.  Here's our favorite by far! 

Did We Forget Something?
Probably!  If it's for a bike - Genesis most likely has it.  Bells, Baskets, Packs, Locks, Mirrors, Gloves, Shorts, Pumps… If it’s for cycling, it's here at Genesis. Here’s our full catalog. Can’t find what you want? Just email or call 610-253-1140.

Simply add the items you would like into your cart and 
Just email or call 610-253-1140 before submitting your order.  
We’ll help you to make all the right choices of models and sizes and our techs will install everything on your bike so that you're ready to roll as soon as you pick up your new bike!

Thanks again!  Enjoy the ride.