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Please Excuse Our Appearance!

Michele in the pre-bike shortage view of showroom (fully stocked with bikes)

Pre-Bike Shortage View

This photo of one section of our store BEFORE COVID-19 shows what Genesis Bicycles typically looks like.  By the way... that's Michele.  She is working from home these days solely to assist you and hundreds of others in pre-ordering your new bike. She knows what bikes are coming in and when and will be a huge help to you.

Pandemic bike shortage view of showroom (just stocked with a few bikes)

Pandemic Bike Shortage View

Sadly, this is what our showroom and bike shops nationwide look like now. (Yes, even the bikes in this photo have since been sold.)  Bikes are hard to find!  Fortunately, we are taking pre-orders for incoming bikes which we ordered months ago. There is no better way to get your new bike than by contacting Michele. She is your best resource!

Please Bear With Us.

With 46 years under the same local independent ownership, we take great pride in our reputation and in being consistently named as one of America's Best Bike Shops.  The combination of trying to keep our staff, families, and customers safe from virus exposure, fewer available staff-members, unprecedented demand, and the most serious bike shortages in history has made each day very challenging.  Please excuse us not only for the embarrassing appearance of our store but more importantly for any unintended lapses in our normal level of personal service.  
Like so many others, we are truly doing our best to navigate this situation.

Michele standing in front of a bike display

Bikes are Hard to Find. Nobody Can Help You Better Than Michele.

News stories nationwide are reporting (correctly) that bikes are sold out everywhere.  Michele has begun working from home solely to assist hundreds of our customers from as far away as Maryland and Long Island in finding the bike of their dreams.  Call Michele at 484-510-6330 during Genesis hours of Thursday through Monday 11-6 or email her at the link below. (Michele will respond during the above hours only.)