New Jersey Mountain Bike Trails

Nassau Trails 

Trail Distance: 10 miles

Trail Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate

Nassau trails is a small, locally built and maintained trail system in High Bridge, New Jersey. With about 10 miles of trails (and more in the works) it is a great place to spend a few hours in the woods. The single track to the right of Nassau Road has about five miles of relatively flat, windy trails that are mostly smooth with some rocks and roots, and the occasional rock garden. On the left side of Nassau Road is another 4 miles or so of flowy windy singletrack. Nassau is close to downtown High Bridge where the main parking lot for the Columbia Rail Trail is situated, as well as a newly opened pump track for working on your skills! 

Check out their Facebook for updates on their ongoing projects and trail conditions! 

Six Mile Run 

Trail Distance: 16 miles

Trail Difficulty: Beginner

Six Mile Run is one of the best trail systems for beginners. Located in Franklin Township New Jersey, These trails are very flat with lots of flowy, windy single track. It is a great place to build skills without any super technical or dangerous terrain. Fast, Flowy singletrack is complimented by wooden bridges, berms, and other man made features that make riding these trails a blast. These trails are very susceptible to water damage and the dirt is a type of red clay, so if you go too soon after rainfall expect to spend just as much time cleaning your bike as riding! 

Stephens and Allamuchy State Parks 

Trail Length: ~50 miles 

Trail Difficulty: Advanced

Stephens and Allamuchy are two serperate but connected trail systems near Hackettstown, New Jersey. We recommend parking on Kinney Road near the Iron Gate to access the trails at Stephens, which you can then connect into Allamuchy. Both parks are advanced, technical trails, but Stephens is slightly more friendly to new riders. Both parks are extensive, and many trails are unmarked so looking up a trail map or going with a guide who has ridden these trails before is a good idea until you get used to them. These are technical, rocky trails with many ascents and descents. It is easy to spend an entire day out on the trails. The tough rocky climbs are definitely worth the fun descents, and some of the old dirt bike trails in Stephens have left awesome berms for mountain bikers to take advantage of. 

Lewis Morris State Park 

Trail Distance: 10 miles

Trail Difficulty: Intermediate

Lewis Morris Park is a medium-small sized park with a very high level of maintenance near Morristown, New Jersey. There is hardly ever a stick in the trail, let alone a log. In the fall the leaves are literally blown from the trails. There are nicely constructed micro gravel paths yet many sections with an overload of roots. Plenty of climbing, steep but short, nothing sustained. The high quality of the trails makes the descending fast and fun, especially the last half of the yellow trail going clockwise.