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Join Our Staff!

Our customers enjoy cycling more, reach their fitness goals sooner, and get honest value for their hard-earned dollars because of the work we do. Would you like to join us? We offer a healthy, fun work environment, competitive benefits and special savings on the products we carry. Ask about job opportunities the next time you’re in our store, or call or e-mail owner Tomias Hinchcliff to learn more. We employ the best people to serve the best people.

Genesis Bicycles is now accepting applications for Full-time and Part-Time positions. Please fill out the following application so that we may learn more about you.

Privacy Statement

In Accordance with the Title 8, US Code, Section 1324A of the Immigration Reform and Cotnrol Act, all applicants must present documents verifying both identity and employment eligibility. Therefore, as a condition of employment, the following documents must be presented by the employee at the time of hire:

A. Establishing both Identity and Employment EligibilityOne of the following documents will satisfy this purpose:

1. Valid U.S. Passport
2. Certificate of Naturalization
3. Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
4. Unexpired Foreign Passport, authorizing employment in the United States
5. Resident Alien Registration Card, containing the applicants identification, photograph and authorization to work in the United States
If none of the above are available, applicants must present one document from group B and one from group C as follows:

Group B.

1. Valid U.S Driver’s License containing photograph
2. Other State-Issued identification containing photograph. (If neither document contains photograph, it must contain personal descriptive information such as full name, height, weight, color of eyes, and residence address).
3. School Identification Card with photograph
4. Voter’s Registration Card
5. U.S. Military card or Draft Records

Group C.

1. U.S. Social Security Card
2. Certificate of Birth in United States
3. Certificate establishing U.S. Nationality at birth

Date of Application: (month/day/year) *
Street Address:*
Zip Code:*
Phone Number (Cellular preferred)
Position Applied For (example: Repair Technician, Sales, Bike Assembler, Receiving, etc):*
If you are applying for a Repair Tech or Bike Assembler position, please describe the most complex mechanical work you have fully mastered on a bicycle:
Please list any days of the week you are NOT available for work on a consistent basis. NOTE: Before you continue: Genesis hours are M/Th/F: 11-8, Sat:10-5, Sun: 12-5, Tue/Wed: CLOSED. If you are applying for a full-time position and cannot work those hours as your regular schedule, please do not complete this application. *
Are you available on weekends consistently?*
What date can you start? (month/day/year)*
Compensation desired:*
Have you ever applied for work at this company before?*
If "Yes", state details:
Why are you applying for work here?*
Do you have reliable means of transportation to and from work?*
Are you between the ages of 18 and 70?*
Do you smoke?*
To select or deselect multiple options, hold the "Ctrl" key when clicking.
What evidence or proof of U.S. Citizenship or proof of legal right to work in the United States will you provide? (See section about employment eligibility above.)*
Have you ever been convicted of any crimes, other than minor traffic violations? (Note: Driving under the influence or while intoxicated is NOT minor.)*
If yes, please give details. (No applicant will be denied employment solely on the grounds of conviction of a criminal offense. The nature of the offense, the date of the offense, the surrounding circumstances and the relevance of the offense to the position(s) applied for may, however, be considered.)
Name, Address, and phone number of most recent Employer:
Dates of employment:
Name and Title of Supervisor:
Describe position and duties:
Weekly pay:
Describe reason for leaving:
Name, address, and phone number of next most recent Employer:
Dates of employment:
Name and Title of Supervisor:
Describe position and duties:
Weekly pay:
Describe reason for leaving:
Name, address, and phone of next most recent Employer:
Dates of employment:
Name and Title of Supervisor:
Describe position and duties:
Weekly pay:
Describe reason for leaving:
What aspects of your last job did you like the most?
What aspects of your last job did you like the least?
If you could have made one suggestion to your past management, what would it have been?
What have you done that you are proud of?*
Describe the best boss(es) you ever had:
Describe the worst boss(es) you ever had:
What is your greatest strength?*
What kinds of things bother you the most?*
What else should we know about your qualifications?*
Tell us anything you want about yourself; interests, hobbies--anything you want.*
What are some of your favorite movies?*
What kind of bike(s) do you ride?
What is your favorite book?*
Who is your favorite musician or band?*
What are your career plans for the next year? The next five years?*
What are you seeking from this company?*
Given Genesis' store hours, (posted on our site), and your availability, what sort of schedule would you ideally see yourself working on a regular basis?*
For how long would you be looking to be employed at Genesis?: *
From what you know of Genesis Bicycles, if you could pick the ideal position in which your skills and aptitude would benefit you, the business, and our customers, what would your job here be? (For example; Repair Technician, Assembler, Sales, Receiving, etc.):*
Is there anything you would like to know about Genesis Bicycles?
The bicycle business has seasonal ups and downs. With this in mind, do you possess any particular skills which you might use to keep yourself useful and productive at Genesis Bicycles during our slower season?
Name and Address of High School:*
Number of years?*
Did you graduate?*
Name(s) and Address(es) of College(s) or University(ies) attended:
Vocational, Business or Other schools?*
Do you speak any languages aside from English?*
Do you have any special experience or skills which you feel make you especially suited for work at our company?*
Do you have a valid Driver's License?*
If yes, what is the License number and in which state was it issued?
Use the space below to tell us something worthwhile or interesting about you; something that will allow us to understand your special value to our organization, should we hire you.*
If you are presently employed, may we contact your employer?
If no, please state reason:
Have you ever been in the Armed Forces?*
If so, which branch? What was your length of service? Honorable Discharge?
Please list the names, addresses, and phone numbers of three people other than relatives or former employers for references:*

Note: * indicates required information.