Why will some stores allow customers inside during the pandemic
 while Genesis will only do curbside service?

The reason may surprise you: 

You may already know that our store manager has over 25 years of bike industry experience, having worked for two bike manufacturers and several bike shops. 

Here’s what you probably didn’t know that makes our manager
so insistent on safe practices during the pandemic:

With several years of experience working for a pharmaceutical company as a 
Certified Corporate Safety Officer, some of Declan's duties there included:

  • Growing Viruses
  • Process Control Engineer 
  • CGMP Compliance
  • Virus safety training documentation for employees.

Genesis Manager Declan McMurtrie

Genesis Manager Declan McMurtrie
Keeping our staff, families, and customers safe.

He may stand about 6'5", but Declan is scared to death of tiny little invisible virus cells
and he is not taking any chances with your safety or ours.