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grow with genesis

Youth Bike Guaranteed Trade-In Program

 Kids grow fast!  But that doesn't mean your child should be stuck with a heavy, often unsafe "big box store" bike.  With over 38 years in business under the same ownership, we are often told by parents buying their children new bikes that they remember being brought to Genesis by their parents to get their first bike.  Our reputation is important to us, so we sell top-quality youth bikes from Trek and Electra, which are sought after not only when new, but by savvy used-bike shoppers as well.  These bikes are built to last through several kids.

That's why we can offer the Grow With Genesis program.  With a guaranteed trade-in value, it really doesn't cost more to provide your growing child with a great properly-fitted bike that she or he will love to ride - and isn't that the real reason you thought of Genesis Bicycles in the first place?

Here's how the Grow With Genesis program works:

Trade in any size child's bike purchased at Genesis within three years toward a larger bike and receive a guaranteed $50 trade-in allowance.

Here are the details and guidelines:

  • Applies to bicycles purchased at Genesis within three years.
  • Also included in the program are child-trailers and trailer-bikes.
  • BMX, Freestyle, Dirt-Jumping, tricycles, and pedal-less "strider"-type bikes are excluded from this program.
  • All original equipment including training wheels must be present with trade-in bike. Missing training wheel charge = $20.00 
  • We will not accept bikes more than 3 years past original purchase date.
  • Trade-ins must be presented at time of new-bike purchase and must be clean, rust-free, and in safe, rideable condition.  Genesis Bicycles reserves the right to determine the eligibility of your trade-in.

 A note to parents...

Reasonable wear and tear is expected and is no problem. We know that as a parent you want to teach your child to take good care of his or her possessions.  With that in mind, we will present a certificate and small gift to children whose trade-in bikes have been kept in exceptionally good condition.


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 Boy riding tricycle with square front wheel crying "Mom! Can't we get my next new bike at Genesis?"