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Fitting Services

Be one with your machine

Due to the current COVID-19 Guidelines we are not currently offering any fitting services.

A proper bike fit is essential to get the most out of your cycling experience. Riders on a properly fitted bicycle are able to optimize their performance, transfer power more efficiently, and be more comfortable allowing them to ride longer and farther. Achieving a proper bike fit is important for any cyclist whether they are a road racer, triathlete, or recreational rider. Our fit specialists will take your cycling priorities, goals, and physical limitations into account while fitting you to your bike. We offer both static and dynamic fit options, which are outlined below.

Contact our fit specialists at 610-253-1140 if you have any questions.

Basic Static Fit

The static fit process achieves the most effecient and comfortable fit on an existing bicycle. For this fit, the rider's existing bike will be placed on an indoor trainer.


A $75 surcharge is applied for bikes with aero bars. 

Dialogue to determine goals, expectations, fitness level, and physical limitations

Physical measurements and flexibility assessments

Cleat position and alignment

Sit bone measurement and saddle choice assessment

Saddle height 

Saddle angle and fore/aft adjustment

Orientation to handlebars and handlebar width

Post fit bike setup and test ride


What should I bring to my fit appointment?

Bring your bicycle, cycling shorts and jersey you would normally ride in, your cycling shoes and gloves. 

How long will my fit appointment take? 

Allow up to one and a half hours for a basic static fit. If you expect the outcome of your fit session to include a consultation on new bike options allow an extra hour of time. 

Does my fit appointment include any follow up time?

Yes! Every fit appointment includes up to 1 hour of follow up with our fit specialists to make any necessary minor adjustments to the fit of your bicycle. 

Are there any other costs associated with my fit appointment?

Any bike fit may result in recommended changes to equipment on an existing bicycle. Minor adjustments, and installations of saddles and stems, are included in the fit however if handlebars or cables need to be changed, cut, or replaced, an hourly charge will be applied based on standard shop rates. 

Meet Our Fit Specialists!

Erin Fagan

Erin Fagan

SICI Certified