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Dynamic Fit Process

In cycling there is no substitute for a bike that has been properly selected and sized to the specific needs and expectations of the rider.  Historically, fits have been achieved through a static process based on body measurements that were then translated to the bicycle.  Although a good fit could be achieved, the static processes involved interruptions for cumbersome part substitutions and mechanical adjustments that did not allow the rider to easily detect the differences between fit options.  Therefore the result was sometimes a compromise not fully understood by the rider or fit specialist.  The SICI and other similar fit protocols have done a very good job of getting the most out of the static approach, however technology has now provided a far superior alternative.

Enter the dynamic fit process.  Automated equipment and sophisticated software have now been developed that allow the rider to experience, in real time, changes in the bicycle fit.  These changes, rather than being accomplished through tedious mechanical adjustments and part substitutions are achieved instantaneously with a few clicks on a keyboard.  Feedback is profound and immediate in the dynamic fit process. 

GURU has collaborated with Dan Empfield, founder of and creator of the F.I.S.T. method of fitting, to develop the GURU Experience - an automated dynamic fit unit (DFU) and fit protocol unmatched in the industry. 

GURU has been a leading innovator in dynamic fit systems, having had a very good unit on the market for some time.  The newest GURU DFU adds a level of control and information feedback that older GURU and competitor’s equipment lack, making it the current industry standard.  Allowing the capture of various fit options based on different seat tube angles, equipment, software, and fit protocol give the rider the opportunity to revisit different fit configurations in a fast, efficient, and dynamic manner.  Once the optimum position is determined, the GURU software analyzes the fit parameters, and suggests bicycles that fit that configuration with details as to how each bike would be set up to achieve the fit parameters.  The system also allows video motion capture, and with Maxtraq software, the capture and analysis of biomechanical information.  In the hands our F.I.S.T, and SICI Certified fit specialists, the GURU Experience is a formidable tool to enhance comfort and performance on the bike.


Fitting Services at Genesis Bicycles

Proper fitting by an experienced certified fit technician utilizing a dynamic process offers the most efficient and rewarding results in enhancing your comfort and performance on the bike.  Depending upon the type of bike, the type of riding, and the goals and objectives of the rider, several technical services are offered at Genesis Bicycles.


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