Genesis University

Learn to fix it yourself!

Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned rider, you can always learn something new.  And that's what Genesis University is all about - learning.  We currently offer three FREE University courses taught by certified and experienced instructors:  

Flat Fixing 101

What is it: Introductory course that teaches the basics of flat tire repair.  After completing this course, you will be able to successfully change a flat tire on your own.

When is it: Held the first Monday of each month.

Who teaches it: Longtime Genesis Tech Mark Reagle.

Cost: FREE!

Basic Bicycle Maintenance 101

What is it: A course that introduces the basics of bicycle maintenance.  After completing this course, you will be able to clean, maintain, and perform basic service on your bicycle.

When is it: Held the last Monday of each month Fall and Winter.

Who teaches it: Jimmy Madden, trained and certified Genesis Service Tech and certified through the League of American Bicyclists.

Cost: FREE!

Shifting 101: The Gears Are Your Friends

What is it: This is an introductory course on the basics of gear shifting.  After completing this course, you will gain a basic understanding of how your gears work and how to properly shift your bike's gears.

When is it: Held during the Spring and Summer Months. 

Who teaches it: Bruce Hochman, longtime Genesis Ambassador and certified instructor by the League of American Bicyclists (LCI).

Cost: FREE!

For complete Genesis University schedule and course information, visit our Meetup Group Genesis Bicycles Lehigh Valley Bike Rides.  As a member, you are able to RSVP for clinics, rides and events, receive updates, contact Genesis Ambassadors, post comments and photos, and more.  Meetup is free to join.